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 So there's this like SUPER TERRIFIC THING on the interwebz that generates drabbles FOR YOU. It's like, made of epic, okay. It's here, courtesy of the wonderful caitcupcake, who writes amazing little!Merthur fics and is otherwise generally awesome.

So anyways, I got sufficiently distracted by this drabble-maker... thing, and kept refreshing to get more stories, and all of them had just the right amount of awesomeness and ridiculousness to keep me laughing and give me that weird urge I  get to share whatever it is I'm looking at with somebody so I  feel slightly less insane. And that, dear reader, is you. So enjoy.

It's like MadLibs, but slashier!Collapse )

Of Princes, Brides, and Fairytale Kisses

Title: Of Princes, Brides, and Fairytale Kisses
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1065
Summary: So maybe Merlin had a thing for fairytales, romance novels, and god-like football players. And maybe the whole school had finally figured that out. But high school drama could never catch up with him at the library... Right?
Warnings/Spoilers: Prep school AU, slash, cheesiness, and liberal borrowing of highly relevant quotes. Hopefully Mr. Goldman won't mind... (Passage set in dialogue and marked with asterisks*.)
Notes: Fic fill for the lovely lil_lollypop36 for this amazing picture. She wonderfully provided her own idea of what she'd drawn, and I took it and ran with it a bit. This fic is my first real LJ post and my first published Merlin fanfic, so I'd very much love to hear your thoughts. 

There have been five great kisses since 1642 B.C....Collapse )